CF6-80C2 Engine

GE Aviation

Technical Specifications

  • Max Thrust

    282 kN

  • Air Mass Flow

    874 kg/s

  • Bypass Ratio


  • Pressure Ratio


  • Length

    4270 mm

  • Max Diameter

    2690 mm

  • Weight

    4472 kg

The CF6-80C2 is certified on several widebody aircraft models, and Delta TechOps has serviced these engines since 1982.


Modification, Repair and Overhaul

  • Full Restoration/Overhaul (All Modules)
  • Hospital Visit (Check/Repair)
  • Light Maintenance (Minimal penetration)
  • Performance Restoration (Gas Path)

Engine Test Cell Runs

1st Run Warranty Repairs

Repair Service for Engine Components 

  • Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC)
  • Power Management Control (PMC)
  • Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) including Quick Engine Change (QEC) and Basic Engine Parts

On-Wing Support

Engine Condition and Trend Monitoring

Non-Destructive Testing and Diagnostics

  • FPI (Fluorescent & Penetrant Inspection)
  • MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection)
  • Immersion Ultra-Sonic NDT
  • RF and Eddy Current NDT
  • Borescope

Engineering Support

AOG Support Worldwide, 24/365 – Available to Customers

Provisioning of Lease Engines and Spare Parts through Delta TechOps’ Inventory Exchange Support

Customized Complete Fleet™  Programs

ISO 9001 Certification

FAA/EASA Dual Release Capability

FAR Part 145 and Part 121 Repair Authority