3 Ways DFP is Leading the Innovation Space

As travel demand trends in a positive direction, ensure that your fleet’s interior is up-to-date and modernized now, so your passengers have the best onboard experience when they return to travel. Focused on providing you with solutions, Delta Flight Products (DFP) can offer cutting-edge alternatives to cabin interiors, avionics and in-flight entertainment systems. We offer all-inclusive interior and integration design solutions, and our products promote onboard comfort and functionality that enhance the airline passenger experience. Read on to learn how DFP solved 3 challenges through innovative solutions, some of which are available to you.

Bin Lift Assist

To prevent injuries caused by excessive force necessary to close overhead bins, DFP designed a mechanism that reduces the force required to close the bins. The heavy weight of overhead bins containing baggage was causing flight attendants difficulty with manually closing the bins. With the assistance of the bin lift assist, a mechanism implemented into the bin closure latch, the lift force required to close the bins is significantly reduced. The bin lift assist is applicable for eight different bin types, assisting both your employees and your customers.

In-Flight Entertainment

DFP’s in-flight entertainment system was created to help simplify the integration of seatback mounted IFE systems onto aircraft and improve IFE systems onboard. The DFP IFE system combines wireless technology with state-of-the-art tablet displays mounted to the back of a seat. Wireless streaming allows the system to be substantially lighter than a traditional IFE system, resulting in reduced weight on an aircraft. This translates to a reduction in carbon emissions annually, reducing an aircraft’s overall environmental impact in addition to increasing efficiency. The system architecture allows for enhanced reliability, the rollout of additional functionality via software updates and a wireless streaming experience that matches the at-home experience expected by your customers.

Negative Pressure Conex

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Air Force needed a way to safely transport military troops that were infected with COVID-19. In less than 100 days, the Delta Flight Products team along with several partners created a Negative Pressure Conex (NPC) out of an ISO container. The NPC serves as a mobile hospital that can fit on a C-17 or C-40. Each conex uses HEPA filtration along with negative air pressure to ensure that an airborne virus is not transferred between passengers. This container was quickly designed, certified and created to assist the Air Force in finding an effective mechanism to safely transport military troops. For additional information on how our teams can collectively serve your needs, reach out to us through the contact form below. 



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